Auckland Startup Weekend

This weekend was my second time at Auckland Startup Weekend – I helped form the team for an idea pitched by our team leader – around connecting recent university graduates with businesses.


Presenting at Auckland Startup Weekend

As is always the case at Startup Weekend, I had an amazing time and learned heaps!


The team in the middle of intense discussions with the great mentors.


Winning Second Place (!) at Auckland Startup Weekend

I love taking group trips, but sometimes the planning can be complex – collating all the options, deciding on which ones, knowing how much it will cost, and keeping all the info available and up to date.

This weekend I went to Auckland Startup Weekend, hosted at Massey University, and I pitched an idea for a shared travel itinerary – a tool that lets you plan a trip with friends, build an interary, and track costs.


Pitching on Friday afternoon.

We formed a team, and we were off!


The team.

After a busy 54 hours, we pitched to the panel of judges on Sunday evening – after their deliberation, the winners were announced, and we are honoured to be placed second out of the 12 teams participating!


Receiving our second place prize.

What a fantastic experience!


A great collage by @JanineBarr