VIDEO: Presenting Mobile Account Opening at Finovate Spring 2016

I recently presented Fiserv’s mobile account opening innovation, targeted at millennials, showcasing our concept for complete account opening on a mobile device.  This leverages the unique capabilities of mobile and delivers the type of experience expected by mobile users.


Here I present Fiserv’s Digital Account Opening mobile banking innovation at Finovate Spring 2016, with my amazing colleague and co-presenter Andrew Barnett (left).

Watch the full video below (click to play fullscreen):


The video is also available at


Prototyping with IDEO and +Acumen

Prototyping is great UX technique to come up with innovative new products – including digital banking!  So in my team we are using the free course on prototyping provided by IDEO and +Acumen to help structure how we prototype.

Check out the course (and maybe join along with us!) at


Colour-coordinating your post it notes helps!


VIDEO: CardFree Cash on Apple Watch at Finovate Fall 2015

In my team at Fiserv, we are always looking for the best ways to help people manage their finances.  Our latest digital innovation allows you to  withdraw cash from an ATM without a card.

In this demo, we set up the withdrawal on the mobile, and use banking on wearables and location services with iBeacons/Bluetooth Low Energy to really make it easy.  This new innovation delivers a rich and compelling banking experience that brings digital and offline together.


Me (left, at the podium) and my great colleague Andrew Barnett present CardFree Cash at Finovate Fall 2015

Check out the video of our demo (click to play fullscreen):

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 9.48.44 PM.png

The video is also available at

VIDEO: Point-of-sale Experience of the Future at Finovate Europe 2015

Although I don’t always get the chance to present at Finovate, I always have pride when our software is up on the big screen.  Here, my colleagues Jon Atkinson and Martyn Lock present our latest digital banking innovation – the point of sale experience of the future.

While the mobile payment battle rages on, there are a lot of things financial institutions can do before and after a payment to help ensure they’re top of mind and top of wallet.

Here, we demonstrate heaps of those, including fingerprint identification, merchant funded offers, augmented reality, real-time alerts, mobile receipt capture, contextual customer support using live chat, and card management!  (Phew, I feel out of breath!)

Check out the video (click to play fullscreen):

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 9.26.57 PM.png

You can also access the video at

VIDEO: Presenting next generation digital customer service at Finovate Fall 2014

Ever tried to talk to your bank, and been given the cold shoulder?  We thought so too.

The latest digital banking innovation coming out of my team at Fiserv combines live chat, secure message, and click to call to show how we all really want to communicate with our financial institutions.

I join my amazing colleagues Andrew Barnett and Mimi Joy on stage in New York for Finovate Fall.


Me (left), Andrew Barnett (center), and Mimi Joy (right) as we co-present at Finovate Fall 2014.

Here is the video (click to play fullscreen):


You can also check out the video at

Auckland Startup Weekend

This weekend was my second time at Auckland Startup Weekend – I helped form the team for an idea pitched by our team leader – around connecting recent university graduates with businesses.


Presenting at Auckland Startup Weekend

As is always the case at Startup Weekend, I had an amazing time and learned heaps!


The team in the middle of intense discussions with the great mentors.

Winning Second Place (!) at Auckland Startup Weekend

I love taking group trips, but sometimes the planning can be complex – collating all the options, deciding on which ones, knowing how much it will cost, and keeping all the info available and up to date.

This weekend I went to Auckland Startup Weekend, hosted at Massey University, and I pitched an idea for a shared travel itinerary – a tool that lets you plan a trip with friends, build an interary, and track costs.


Pitching on Friday afternoon.

We formed a team, and we were off!


The team.

After a busy 54 hours, we pitched to the panel of judges on Sunday evening – after their deliberation, the winners were announced, and we are honoured to be placed second out of the 12 teams participating!


Receiving our second place prize.

What a fantastic experience!


A great collage by @JanineBarr


Why does Apple NZ’s homepage replace Twitter with JetBlue?

Apple is promoting it’s appstore, which has reached over 25 billion app downloads.  I recently read a blog post about Apple’s deep Twitter and Yelp integration — for example Siri uses Yelp for restaurant suggestions, much to Google’s dismay — and the blog mentioned the obvious presence of the Twitter app icon in the promotion’s marketing material.

I was surprised when I visited the Apple NZ homepage to notice that the Twitter app icon has been replaced by that of US airline JetBlue.  Guitar Hero is replaced with the Martha Stewart app.

Given that Yelp and ebay are front-of-stage with their low penetration in NZ, I wonder if this is some kind of bizarre reverse localisation.  And Martha Stewart over Guitar Hero.  Honestly?


US home page – note the Twitter app to the left of the screen.

NZ home page – note Twitter has been replaced with JetBlue.