Intergen Dynamics Day 2011

I attended the morning sessions of Intergen’s Dynamics Day today, and I really enjoyed it.

Key takeaways were:

  • Miners using an Xbox Kinect interface with Microsoft Dynamics so they are able to make updates to their ERP by waving their arms in the air, rather than having to decontaminate and remove all their safety gear to use a keyboard
  • The suggestion that a green fields business app suite could consist of:
    • Office 365
    • Dynamics CRM Online
    • Windows Azure
    • Xero or Dynamics NAV, depending on your scale
  • Cloud should be the default choice for new deployments
  • Office 365 will drive customers to the cloud
  • When integrating systems, wherever possible integrate using web services rather than directly connecting to the database, as this will help in the future if you choose to move to SaaS cloud deployment (e.g. From Dynamics CRM on premise to Dynamics CRM Online)
Something else I didn’t know: Facebook likes are integrated into Bing search results.  Won’t make me change from Google, but interesting to know.

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